purpose The Translation Map is a prototype system designed to facilitate collaborative translations and geographically-based messaging.
motivation It is being designed to help facilitate worldwide, cross-border, multi-lingual conversations.
use To use the Translation Map first log in to the system using the login menu item (to the left). If you do not yet have a Translation Map account, you will be allowed to create a new account. Once you are logged in to your account, you can send a message by picking a geographical location and a language. With the Translation Map it is possible to send a message to a particular geographical-location, but it is not possible to send a message to an individual person. The system has been designed to support group discussions rather than one-to-one communications. The Translation Map will attempt to route your message to the location. On its way to its final destination, your message will be routed through other areas of the world in an effort to find people on the Internet who might help you by translating your message into the language you choose. With the Translation Map you can also do several other things including (1) view the current translation of your message and find its current geographical location; (2) browse messages sent by others; and, (3) help translate a message sent by someone else.
bugs (1) Some or all of this site may work poorly (or not at all) if you do not have a very new web browser (i.e., less than a year old). The current version has not been made backwardly compatible with older web browsers. (2) Some parts of the Translation Map are large and require a fast Internet connection. If you do not have a fast connection, select the "slow connection" option when you log in and you will not be served the large pieces. (3) Creating a new account may be slow due to the fact that that page contains long lists of countries and languages.
version The Translation Map is currently undergoing beta testing. This is version 0.02.