artists The Translation Map was designed and implemented by
Warren Sack and Sawad Brooks
email If you have concerns, questions, or comments please contact us at the following email address:

We are especially interested in suggestions for improving the system including, for example, ideas or resources for making the message routing heuristics more accurate and/or suggestions for additions to our current database of online, public, geographically-based discussion forums. Currently our database is limited to several hundred groups from Yahoo Groups and Usenet. We plan to expand this database significantly in our next release.
website The main website for the Translation Map is

The system is hosted by the Walker Art Center/Gallery 9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and is currently on display at the Walker Art Center as a part of Translocations, organized by Steve Dietz, Curator of New Media. Translocations is an online exhibition of network-based art that accompanies the Walker Art Center exhibition When Latitudes Become Forms.